Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Before discussing today's topic, I shall update you on the Reading Challenge.
  • Currently reading: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Sex Drugs & Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman
  • Completed: The Outsiders
  • Next on the list?: The Time Traveler's Wife? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? What do you think???
Anyway... on to today's topic, which is DIY, a.k.a. Do It Yourself. This term is associated with books or TV shows on how to make your own bird houses or book shelves. You know what I'm talking about. However, there's a new kind of DIY, and that's what I want to discuss. It's the kind of DIY that happened to me yesterday. I wanted/needed a webcam and so my Mom gave me this old Logitech one she has. Old model, but it should still work. Here's the thing - she didn't have the installation CD. I decided to wing it! And so began my search. I googled, I figured out the webcam's model name, I looked around for torrents, I read through forums, and before I knew it, my webcam was working!!!

My point is - the Internet is empowering. You don't need to know lingo or understand the inside of your computer to make magic happen - you just need to commit yourself to the task at hand. With each thing that you google, you start to get an idea of what it is you need to do, download, or search further. I love it! I feel like a genius.

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s.mac said...

the time traveler's wife. it is heartbreaking and beautiful.

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