Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gravy LOVES: Alex & Luke


In September of 2009, after a few unexpected life turns, we started planning this project. Restless with our current positions in our respective lives, we set out to see what would happen if we used the power of social media to enable an exploration of North America.

Without a route or any preconceived idea of what we will see and do, we are calling on the communities behind the most popular social media websites to act as our compass (pointing us where to go) and our guidebook (telling us what to see).

Equipped with a small car and a trunk load of equipment, our goal is to travel through every state, province and territory while documenting and sharing the experience through web videos and other internet content available at our website,

We will be exploring the gap between real-time relationships and online relationships and it is our hope that connections between these two realms will be made in interesting and unexpected ways. Every individual who participates and engages with alexandluke, both on and offline will play a role in our journey. Sometimes these relationships will be formed deliberately, and other times by pure happenstance.

The desire to explore has been with us for thousands of years. The geography of North America is relatively the same as it has been for centuries. The need to collect and share the travel experience with others is as old as is travel itself. But never before has exploration been so accessible and sharing been so easy.

Who we will meet, where we will sleep, what we will see, and even the most fundamental aspect – where we will go, are all unknown. The notion of directionless travel may not be a new one, but this wanderlust is both facilitated and shared through new social technologies in an internet-empowered world

We leave it in your hands to help us experience the North America that you think we should experience and you can do this in a number of ways. Regular polls will be held on the home page of our website, but you can also interact with us through Twitter (where you can vote and make suggestions), YouTube (where you can vote and watch our videos), Gowalla (where you can check in with our current location and visited destinations) and on our Facebook Fan Page (where you can interact with us and our other followers). Click on the Interact button on our home page to learn more.

We can’t wait to see how the story unfolds, and how your involvement will affect our journey.

Alex & Luke are innovative, fun, smart, cute, and totally plugged in all the time! CHECK THEM OUT!!!

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