Thursday, April 8, 2010


Important dental hygiene update!!! I just checked, and in 50 days, I have flossed 22 times. That's nearly once every 2 days! I am pumped! I'm gonna try to get it up to once a day, which will require twice or even three times a day (if that makes sense). It's worth it just to be able to say to the hygienist: "How often do I floss? Well, once a day actually. TAKE THAT!"

In other news: As I grow up, I take note of the things that seem to be signs of growing up. One example = buying toilet paper BEFORE you run out of toilet paper. Oui!


Joel Jackson said...

That's wonderful! It's no easy feat to floss regularly. Keep doing it to keep your teeth healthy, okay? It will really help boost the strength of your teeth since it will keep the bacteria away.

Glenn Koehm said...

I never thought I'd see someone who would actually record their flossing activities. It's wonderful to know that you want to keep your teeth healthy, and it seems you enjoy doing it!

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