Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've had a lot of conversations these days about the way the world is now. Conversations about how when I say, "What's up?" to my friend, he replies, "NM", and that's totally fine with me. Conversations about whether or not Internet dating sites are representative of the deterioration of social behaviour in this century. My instinct is to always support the time we live in. We live in the age of iPhones and Twitter and text messaging, and it's a great age to be a part of! Information moves faster than ever. Technology is changing more rapidly than I can mentally process. However, there are lines being crossed that I question.

I just listened to the audio of John Mayer breaking down onstage.
He says, "I quit the media game. I'm out. I'm done. [...] I just want to play my guitar."

With a world so obsessed with the idea of celebrity and real people becoming fictionalized... that must be a lot of pressure for celebrities. There are a lot of celebrities who became celebrities because they were passionate about their art - whether it be acting, or playing the guitar. However, because of us, they've become wrapped up in something they never signed on for.

That being said, I suppose it is what they signed on for. We all know that if you become a household name, that carries a lot of weight. Weight you might not want to take on.

Is there a choice? Can John Mayer really quit? I don't think so, because I found out about this on Twitter and then E! Online. I don't think you can escape it. It's just the way of the world... whether good or bad, it sells!

There's also those people that don't care about "their art" (if they even have one), because what they want is the celebrity. You don't have to have an art to be a celebrity now (see: Speidi), because we don't care what you do, we just care about which bar you were at, whether or not you flashed anyone, cheated on your boyfriend, or got in a cat fight with another "celeb".

I'm not bashing it though. I buy into it, too! I just find it fascinating.

Truthfully, there's no other age I'd want to grow up in.

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