Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shout Out to L Hostels!

I spoke about this before, but I wanted to dedicate a full post to it (which means I'll likely post again right after this).

L Hostel, New York City

I stayed at the L Hostel in Harlem in NYC for one night, and I absolutely LOVED it!!! The staff were incredible, it was clean, I felt really safe, and my room was just what my friend and I needed. It was $25 each for 1 night, and we had a private 2-person room with a bathroom that we shared with other people. The bathroom was clean and really quite nice! They had a free breakfast from 7-10am in the morning (bagels, coffee, etc.). AND - after we checked out, they allowed us to lock up our bags and laptops ($5) in a locker so that we didn't have to carry them around with us all day. It was also just a 7-minute walk (or less!) from 2 subway stations. Incredibly easy to get around the city from there.


I would stay there again in a second! - and I would recommend it to anyone & everyone!

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