Monday, February 15, 2010


Absolutely surreal. I've seen these places on TV and in the movies, but I never imagined being here, taking pictures in front of stores and signs and buildings, taking the subway, riding the cabs, etc., etc. Unreal. I love it!

Now, as I did in July '09 when I was traveling in the Middle East, I now present: 10 things I'm learning in N.Y.C.

(1) Homeless/jobless people are a lot more creative when trying to get change on the subway.
(2) I can't tell if the subway is more efficient or more complicated than the TTC... or both!
(3) Magnolia Bakery is worth the wait.
(4) Get some supportive shoes on, and just keep walking! There's so much to see!
(5) My friend B. is SO talented! So great to see him dance again! He's grown so much as an artist and it shows! Love him!
(6) L Hostel in Harlem is really impressive. Inexpensive, great service and staff, comfortable!!! (
(7) Strawberry Fields (John Lennon Memorial) in Central Park is a great spot. I thought of my hero as I took it all in.
(8) Times Square is overwhelming, but don't be fooled! The whole city isn't like that! There are peaceful and normal corners to visit.
(9) Cabs are cheap!
(10) Once again... home is where the heart is!

Also - growing up is awesome! My 16 year-old self would be so excited to know I'm navigating N.Y.C. (partly) on my own. Of course, it wouldn't have been the same today without B. and R. B. knows the city so well, obv, and R. is the best traveling partner a girl could ask for!

What a blast this has been!

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