Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cafe et moi.

I love coffee!!!

...except a lot of people love coffee, so that's not exactly impressive or anything... Plus, it's not like I'm a sommelier of coffee...

But coffee's not just a functional thing for me. I don't love coffee because I need it to wake up in the morning... though I do. And I don't love coffee because I'm addicted to it... though I am. I love coffee because of the way it makes me feel!

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is fill up my kettle and plug it in. Then I take my coffee beans out of the fridge and pour the appropriate amount into my grinder. I grind them to coarse, not fine, and then empty them into my French Press. When the kettle starts whistling at me, I pour the hot water into the French Press, stir it, let it steep for 4 minutes, by which time my toast is ready, and then I pour a cup of coffee, sit down at my kitchen table, read my book, and enter into a safe & positive morning place. My happy place, if you will. This quiet moment in the morning, very much made possible by the warmth and caffeine of the coffee, gives me the energy both physically and spiritually to attack the day.

This sounds corny and over the top, and I didn't exactly try to avoid that tone, but I'm being serious here. It's the habitualness (apparently that's a word) of it.

The one thing I will say about coffee & me is that I really like the way I make it. I've been using a French Press for over a year now, but the grinder has only become part of the routine this week. I feel like grinding the beans myself (with a grinder, but still), and letting the coffee steep in the water vs. the water being filtered through it... it all just gets me closer to the coffee. With the grinder, I almost feel like I'm eating the beans... in a good way. Now I just need to master making Turkish coffee. That's the next step.

Anyway, I'm an enormous dork, but now you know!

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