Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well, alright!

First thing's first -- Adele's album has been released!!! Maybe not in North America yet, but all I care about is that there's a torrent available. Her new album (and sophomore, as they say) is called "21" and I'm 5 tracks in and already melting with awe, love, inspiration, emotion... the whole gamut. She is really bringing her "A" game with a new groove and sound, a little more jazziness, but also just the ballad-belting Adele Adkins that we fell in love with in "19". I can't wait to work my way through the rest.

Secondly -- I saw "The Kids Are All Right" yesterday and feel the need to speak on it.

I loved the movie. I really did. I thought it was funny, emotional, sweet, and honest. It was, and it also wasn't about the fact that Nic and Jules were lesbians. I mean, certainly that fact was unavoidable, but they didn't draw undue attention to it. They weren't a spectacle; they were a couple. And the drama that happened... I don't think it was dealt with in the wrong way. I thought it was real and honest and genuine. I loved it.

Here's what I will say about the fact that the main couple were lesbians...

When I used to meet on a regular basis with a LGBTQ university student-based discussion group, we used to talk about the portrayal (or lack thereof) of queer characters in the media. Often people would talk about wanting to see their lives within TV shows and movies and that it was hard to do that without queer characters.

Well, I've never had a problem relating to anyone, gay or straight, that seems at all like me on a show or in a movie. However, when I saw this movie, "The Kids Are All Right", I felt something different for the first time. I really felt more connected to the movie because of the fact that the main couple were lesbians. I really did. And the thing is that this movie is not my favourite movie - it doesn't rival "Apollo 13" or "Mean Girls" or "Good Will Hunting" - but it offered the portrayal of something more personal to me, and I felt it.

This doesn't mean that straight people or gay men shouldn't be able to see their relationships/experiences within the portrayal of a lesbian relationship, but it did mean that I took something personal out of it.

Bravo to Julianne Moore & Annette Bening for playing the shit out of those 2 characters. Especially Annette Bening. She deserves the Oscar nod because she brought such realness and rawness to the character of Nic. Well done!

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