Monday, July 5, 2010



So you know how I hate Lady Gaga? Well, I'm not really sure why I do. Part of it stems from me always being wary of things that are really hyped up. Lady Gaga is huge! She's a relatively new phenomenon, and yet she's #4 on the Forbes Celebrity 100?!?!? Why? What's so special about her? She's fresh and genius and creative and artistic. Is she? Is she doing stuff that nobody else is doing or nobody else has done before? I dunno... I think people are a little blinded by her outrageous outfits...

But as much as I'm wary of things that are really hyped up, I'm also wary of intense feelings that I have that I can't exactly explain. I mean, I don't really listen to Lady Gaga, so am I really qualified to hate her or have a strong opinion either way? No, I'm not.

SO... it's time to begin my L.G.R. - Lady Gaga Research. I'm gonna take notes as I work my way through as much of her music as I can. I'm gonna read up on her. I'm gonna stare at dozens of Google images. I'm gonna form a real opinion, and I'm gonna report back to you.

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